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                Thaifast Electric Corporation was established in 1989. We are one of the leading supplier and manufacturer of automatic sanitary products in Thailand under the trademark “Neomate”. Our products are aimed to save energy with eco-friendly idea and always develop good hygiene for users. Neomate products are standardized by ISO 9001:2015. Our Automatic Flush Valve also had been approved by SISIR testing institute of Singapore since 1994.

                With the innovative design, high technology and green bathroom concept, our products are well-trusted by our well-known customers in Thailand. We are guaranteed to serve the convenience, comfortable and safety to the users.
High quality products with reasonable price are always what we deliver to customer according to our specialize in manufacturing as our production base is in Thailand. Apart from this, we also export to other countries in Asia such as Singapore, Malaysia and India. We are looking forward to expand and service more in Thailand and abroad.

  • Year of establishment

    September 11, 1990

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  • Name
    Thaifast Electric Corporation Limited
  • Address
    71/10 Moo 4 Bangna - Trad Road, Bangchalong Bangplee, Samutprakarn 10540 Thailand
  • Tel
    02-041-7413, 02-041-7423, 02-041-7433
  • Fax
    (66) 02-041-7437
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    • Automatic Flush Valve
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      (Hotel, Office Building,Restaurant,
      Shopping Centre, Conference Centre,
      Hospital and etc.)
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      (University and School)
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    • Singapore
    • Malaysia
    • India
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